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Modify your diesel truck to performance perfection

Fantastic engine and truck performance at your fingertips

Wow the track or make every-day driving that much easier with our diesel engine and truck services. From system flushes and oil changes to entire engine overhauls, your vehicle will get star treatment and come back to you performing better than ever.

Have us take care of all your diesel needs

- EGR system flushes

- Bulletproof diesel oil cooler setup

- High pressure oil pump installation

- Oil changes

- Regular maintenance

- Diesel engine installation

- Diesel engine overhaul

- Aftermarket modifications

- Head stud installation

- Diesel performace service

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Looking for a new engine or transmission?

Whether you're looking at a Powerstroke, Duramax, Cummins, or International engine or transmission, Diesel Concepts will make sure that it's installed just right. Our certified Jasper installer is also on hand for all your Jasper engine needs!

From simple maintenance to engine overhaul, your truck will run smooth with our touch.

Contact us today to start enhancing or repairing your truck.

Our services don't end here. Thanks to our Powerstroke specialists, our Duramax specialist, and our Cummins specialist, you can get repairs on your diesel engine with us too and know that your engine is in very capable hands.